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How to Get Social Roots (Arraigo Social) in Spain

Social roots (arraigo social in Spanish) are a way to obtain a residence permit due to exceptional circumstances. In fact, it’s one of the most used options by foreigners who are in Spain and want to regularize their situation. In BCN Consulting we can help you with this procedure, fill the forms, guiding you through all the process and the necessary steps.

What is the “arraigo social”? Spain includes several options in its regulations on immigration, so that those expats who are in Spain without any type of authorization can regularize their situation by obtaining a residence authorization, directly and without having to leave our country. What should we understand for “arraigo social”? A person has social roots when he has important and strong ties to something. Maybe it has been living for a few years in Spain and have a work contract offer. In order to regularize the situation you can proceed with the “arraigo social” procedure in order to obtain your work permit and residence permit. Feel free to contact us:

Our address is Plaça Pes de la Palla, núm. 3, Entlo. 2A, CP 08001, Barcelona, Spain

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Phone number: 0034 931 861 437 - 0034 678 112 059

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