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How to obtain your 'Tarjeta Verde' or EU Registry Certificate

How to move to Spain as a European Union Citizen: Get the EU Registry Certificate. Would you like to know how to move to Spain as a European Union citizen with your family? With the process to get the EU registry certificate you can start living and working in Spain as an EU national. This is the so-called Green Card or EU Registry Certificate or ‘Tarjeta Verde’ in Spanish.

The EU registry certificate is the legal document any European Union national wishing to live and work in Spain for more than 3 months has to request in order to become legal in the country. We can help you in this process of obtaining the EU Registry Certificate or the popular so-called Green Card for European Union Members. This certificate of registration as an EU national is a simple document that provides evidence that you have registered in the Central Register of Foreign Nationals here in Spain.

In order to obtain it, we will guide you through the whole process because there is a few steps that you must fulfill before obtaining the Green Card.

Contact with us for further information, getting your Green Card it can be easy if we help you in the process:

Our address is Plaça Pes de la Palla, núm. 3, Entlo. 2A, CP 08001, Barcelona, Spain

Email address:

Phone number: 0034 931 861 437 - 0034 678 112 059

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