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Pareja De Hecho or Common Law Couple for Expats

The term 'Pareja de Hecho' or Common Law Couples is a law that provides for the civil union of two people who are in a relationship to live as married even though they are not. The law gives room for legal co-habiting of people in relationships.

Just as marriage laws accord the couple's rights and privileges, as well as legal protections under the marriage union, 'Pareja de Hecho' provides legal protection, rights, and privileges for those in relationships even without signing the marriage agreement. If each partner signs with the relevant bodies, the union is likely to be viewed and granted equal legal provisions such as in marriages.For this procedure, you will need some documents and appointments that we will take for you.

Contact with us for further information, getting your ‘Pareja De Hecho’ documents in Spain it can be easy if we help you in the process:

Our address is Plaça Pes de la Palla, núm. 3, Entlo. 2A, CP 08001, Barcelona, Spain

Email address:

Phone number: 0034 931 861 437 - 0034 678 112 059

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