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What is home management?

Home management is the management of all key aspects related to a home, whether it is a rental apartment or a property. Our clients can delegate all administrative procedures to our consulting company with regard to everything related to home procedures.

We manage everything, from looking for a house, whether owned or rented, to renting it, buying it, carrying out all the necessary procedures, or on the contrary, if it is necessary to rent or sell it.

In addition to all this initial process, from BCN Consulting we manage the day-to-day life of your home without the need for you to be physically at home, not even in Spain. We can quickly solve and manage: faults or breakdowns, tax payments, bill payments (telephone, water and gas), registration or cancellation of services, attendance at a neighbors meeting, rent/buy/sell apartments, communication with city councils, review/manage household finances.

Trust us to manage the administrative aspects of your home so you don't have to worry under any circumstances. Feel free to contact us for further information if you need our help.

Our address is Plaça Pes de la Palla, núm. 3, Entlo. 2A, CP 08001, Barcelona, Spain

Email address:

Phone number: 0034 931 861 437 - 0034 678 112 059

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